Bridget has been part of our roster of freelance copyeditors for about a half a year. We’ve come to appreciate her both as a copyeditor – we value her good judgment, attention to detail, no-nonsense approach, and timeliness – and as a long-distance coworker who’s always responsive, courteous, and receptive to constructive feedback on her work. Working with Bridget is a pleasure all around, and we’re glad to have her on board.

—Alexandra Hähnert, Demographic Research, assistant managing editor (March 2018)

I . . . greatly appreciate the excellent copy editing job. Over the years I’ve noticed that the quality of the copy editing my papers received greatly declined at most journals. It’s nice to experience high quality copy editing again!

—Lowell L. Hargens, researcher, via Demographic Research

Bridget’s support on my open-access textbook was invaluable: her editing was precise, thorough, and punctual to boot! Her remarkable investment in this project demonstrates not only her competency as a writer/editor, but also her respect for the vision of the author.

—Shane Abrams, author of PSU’s Open Access Writing Textbook

Oh Bridget! Hard not to gush about her ability to step in, figure things out, and make things happen. She’s a superstar at putting the pieces of a project together quickly so she’s almost instantaneously on top of the details—and then, she’ll offer impressive suggestions or ideas for improvements/enhancements.  She can write. She can edit. Bridget also has a unique ability to find a project’s “voice” or “perspective”—with words and design—and then weave it throughout in interesting and unexpected ways. (I’m not even sure she knows that she’s doing it—it’s so innate to how she approaches her work.) She’s got stellar judgement too—perceptive about limitations but needing very little direction or supervision. It’s a huge compliment when someone shares that they find what I post on social media so helpful/interesting—most of which has been curated and edited by Bridget.  As a matter of fact, if this reads a little awkward or is grammatically incorrect, it’s because Bridget didn’t edit it.

—Stacey Lane, career coach and consultant

Bridget was quick and thorough, and she was able to keep enough distance to not let her voice overtake mine. Her edits and assistance have made me a better writer.

—Ross Winkler, self-published author

Although she is just starting out in her career, Bridget Carrick is a thoughtful, detail-oriented editor who was a huge help on the forthcoming Rethinking Ethnic Studies (Rethinking Schools 2019). I can’t wait to see what she does next.

—Kjerstin Johnson, copyeditor

I came to Bridget seeking editing assistance for a research proposal as part of a grant application. Over the course of three months, she was a formidable force of sanity, clarity, and support. She provided great value by constantly distilling the big picture and the details from my many drafts, resulting in a compelling and clear final proposal.

Bridget is deft with technical material as well as the more subtle, implied ideas that writing conveys. She was also effective and kind in her time management throughout the process, helping me to keep promises to myself and meet my own deadlines with a positive mindset.

Above all, Bridget empowered me to trust my own abilities by drawing out the best version of my writing as we worked together.

—Saumya Kini, recipient of the 2018 Fulbright Scholarship