A Sneaky Way to Tighten Up Your Writing

I say this a lot to writers—write first, then edit and rewrite. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get as many roadblocks out of the way when you’re writing your first draft. That is not the time to tighten up your writing. Focus on the content, not the word choice, sentence structure,Continue reading “A Sneaky Way to Tighten Up Your Writing”

Why Hire a Copyeditor?

With PerfectIt, Grammarly, and the squiggly red, green, or blue lines under your words, your writing is good enough for publication, right? Maybe. But most likely, no. Writing is not a one-person job We have this idea of writers holed up in their office or a cabin in the woods until their masterpiece is written.Continue reading “Why Hire a Copyeditor?”