Since you plan on entrusting me with your creations, I figure you’d like to know a little about me. I’ve spent my professional life making sure other people’s projects look their best.

Professional Bridget

I work as a freelance as well as independent contract editor. I also currently work as a virtual assistant for a career coach and consultant, gaining insider knowledge on the job search world. I earned an M.S. in book publishing at Portland State University and a B.A., majoring in journalism and double minoring in English and philosophy at Gonzaga University. Before working for myself as an editor full time, I taught courses at PSU that focus on the writing and researching process. My favorite class to teach was a 300-level course where I focused on philosophy through science fiction. Before going back to school for my M.S., I worked in marketing for five years, first at a local office supply company My Binding, a nationwide pub trivia company Last Call Productions, and then the Oregon brewery Rogue Ales. My area was content writing and crafting. As I tried on different marketing hats, however, I soon found that I could be useful elsewhere. Instead of writing how-to articles or designing marketing materials for someone else’s company, I decided to help the artist or communicator directly.

That’s where you come in.

Extracurricular Bridget

It's me, Bridget.I make sure to step away from the computer and red pen and get outside—biking, hiking, or backpacking. If I’m indoors, I’m probably reading while my three-legged cat, Puck, naps on my lap. On a free morning, I sometimes make greeting cards for friends and family to give out to their loved ones because handmade cards need to make a comeback.

My Multnomah County Library virtual shelf is peppered with literary fiction, nonfiction, as well as a few adventures into science fiction or fantasy. I will admit I’m a sucker for philosophy and personal growth books and articles as well.

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